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our personalized partnership and intuitive software open every closed door along the way, helping you uncover new efficiencies and grow your business.

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Communication & Service

Differentiate your business through exceptional experiences and customer service with primeForce’s modern communication tools.

Key Features:
  • Email and SMS Text Templates
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Email
  • WhatsApp Communication
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Invoicing & Payments

Eliminate the pain of accessing and understanding the essential data that drives your business and optimizes customer relationships.

Key Features:
  • Payment plan configuration
  • Discount management
  • Unit costing configuration
  • Automated collection configuration (Bank Integration)
  • Mobile money Automation (Mpesa)
  • Receipting Management
  • Funds Reallocation
  • Unit Forfeit Management
  • Unallocation Funds Management
  • Forfeit funds utilization
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Budget Management

Keep your property values up and your customers safe and satisfied with streamlined work orders, inspections, and unit turns.

Key Features:
  • Budget preapproval management
  • Mandates management on budget
  • Department Budget Utilization Management
  • Maker Checker Control On Budget Utilization
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“primeForce has allowed us to streamline our
workflows so we can focus on what’s
most important - our relationships.”

John Kariuki
Sales Head, Buxton Point Apartment
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Staffing & Training

Get new hires up and running faster. Give your associates more time to focus on higher-value work. Hang on to great talent with primeForce’s user-friendly interface and workflows.

Key Features:
  • Staff Creation
  • Seggregation of duties (Roles and Rights Management)
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Growth & Perfomance Reporting

Expand your portfolio, increase NOI, and eliminate inefficiencies so your business can remain healthy and continue growing for years to come.

Key Features:
  • Workflow Reporting
  • Leasing Metrics and Analytical Dashboards
  • Financial reporting on project
  • Custom User Roles
  • Cashflow management reporting
Representation of software interface for listing rental properties

Property Management

Run and grow your business with professional website services, flexible showing options, and a fully integrated lead-to-lease process.

Key Features:
  • Property Project Definition
  • Phased Development Management
  • Project Segmentation (Division, Blocks, Phase) Units definition.
  • Amenities configuration (per unit)

Easily manage more
with primeForce Property Manager Plus

primeForce Property Manager Plus is a custom-built solution for complex businesses managing thousands of units. Flexible workflows allow you to consistently execute processes, seamlessly deliver exceptional experiences, and quickly gain full transparency, even if you have a large team working across many properties. Comprehensive and intuitive, primeForce Property Manager Plus provides instant access to insights and data, enabling your team to make strategic decisions and execute on long-term plans. If your business manages thousands of units, discover why primeForce Property Manager Plus is right for you.

  • Elevated Service Experience
  • Advanced Performance Insights
  • primeForce Stack™ Premium
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Revenue Management
  • Auditing Center

“primeForce has made us more efficient, allowing us to grow without increasing staffing.“

Photo of Nicholas Mertens

Fauz Mohammed

Senior Accountant - Buxton Points Apartment
+3600 units

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